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Uni-Probe Needles

The electrolysis profession as we know it has completely changed with the introduction of Uni-Probe. Now, Precision Electrolysis Inc. brings you the safest, most efficient and user-friendly needles on the market.

Uni-Probe needles are pre-sterilized and disposable. In addition, their protective caps shield all client-contact  areas. Never  again will you need sterile tweezers or forceps to handle your probes.
With the Uni-Probe system at work in your clinic you will immediately  notice the numerous economical benefits.
1.  With a price below $23 per 50 needles, Uni-Probe costs less than most existing needles.
2.  You will do away with the cost spent each year on all those needle-holder caps.
3. You eliminate the time spent changing caps between clients, as well as the time spent washing, rinsing, drying and, sterilizing those caps. (All of this adds up to 2-3 hours a week that could be used for treating more clients.)

Until Uni-Probe there has never been an easy way of  knowing exactly what size probe you are looking at. Uni-Probe is manufactured in five distinctive colors, each denoting a different diameter (.002 - .006).
Just look at the Uni-Probe needle in the package. White indicates that it is a .003 diameter needle, gray means it’s .005. Unlike other needles, Uni-Probe cannot be autoclave or dry-heat sterilized. This assures your clientele the utmost in safety.
The protective cap is removed just before treatment and replaced immediately after. Once the cap is replaced, you are protected from all client contaminated areas.

For those who prefer air-flow, the Uni-Probe design incorporates twin channels, one on each side. these channels direct cooling air efficiently to the skin’s surface (for use with Precision’s Uni-Flow holder.)
Uni-Probe is a probe and cap in one. You will never have to buy caps again. Even better, you will never have to wash, rinse, dry, and sterilze caps again.
Uni-Probe totally eliminates the risk of needle-to-cap-to-client contamination assoicated with existing methods.
Have you ever bent a needle while loading it into your holder? You never will again, with Uni-Probe.
Uni-Probe is adaptable to virtually any epilator. Just unplug your obsolete needle-holder, plug in the Uni-Probe system, and welcome to the 21st Century.

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