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Clareblend Nova 2000

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Multiple-needle epilator with medical grade armature

Clareblend is the only manufacturer to offer the BLEND modality on a multiple-needle epilator, Single DC and Single RF current included.

The Nova 2000® is fast and effective.

Clareblend's patented electronics has significantly reduced multi-needle epilation time. The client will experience a reduced treatment time, more comfort and quicker satisfaction. For the technician's comfort, the indicator lights, timer, DC/Blend controls and DC meter have been mounted on the end of the armature.

Each of the 6 channels, or probes, are individually controlled. An automatic two second delay gives the technician the time needed for insertion. The slow rise gives the customer a comfortable treatment. Simplistic innovative design allows the technician to master the Nova 2000® very quickly.


The Nova 2000®  features:

  • Precision Linear timer (O to 300 seconds)

  • Digitally controlled DC current with a slow rise

  • DC Meter adjusts from 0 to 1 Milliampere (or 1000 Microamperes) 6 individually current controlled probes

  • Stabilized, Ratchet controlled armature

  • RF adjustable 25 to 40 volts

  • Limited 3 year warranty parts & labor. Accessories 90 days

  • 1 year warranty on armature

  • Model: SS0552

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